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Melinda Rackham (melinda@subtle.net) is an artist and writer based in Sydney Australia, who has been working online since the mid 1990's in her domain www.subtle.net constructing imaginal and hypertextual sites. Melinda's web practice draws on divergent sources and she is currently undertaking a Phd in Virtual Media at College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Rackham publishes online and in print, and recent conferences include Contagion in Australia, Invencao in Brazil, and Consciousness Reframed in Wales.  Her award winning web works have been included in Beyond Interface, Arco Electronico, Gram, Perspecta99, Transmediale2000, Art Entertainment Network, The Montreal Biennale, Stuttgart Filmwinter, Hybrid Life Forms, and Under_score.




Winner Faulding Award for Multimedia - 2000 Telstra Adelaide Festival, Au.

2nd Prize National Digital Art Awards 1999,  IMA, Brisbane, Au.

Honourable Mention Art on the Net 2000, Machida CityMuseum, Tokyo,Japan.


Also in:

Double Life, Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria
Body as Byte,
Newkunstmuseum, Luzern, Switzerland

Interferences, 2ème Festival International d'Arts Multimédia Urbains, Belfort,France
Festival of New Cinema and New Media
, Montreal, Canada

Cybercultures - Infectious Agents, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney and tour, Au.

FILE, Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Urban Futures 2000 Digital Exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa

Art Entertainment Network, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA

Transmediale 2000, Berlin, Germany

Maid in Cyberspace, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Montreal, Canada.

Comtec art 99, Kunsthaus, Dresden, Germany.



Carrier is an internet site which examines viral symbiosis - the experience of living with the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), an illness which affects 200 million people in the world. The project views viral infection from a different perspective than that of the body as a battleground where viruses are foreign invaders - rather a more scientifically correct one which acknowledges that we live constantly in symbiotic relationship with multiple virri and bacteria inside our bodies. Viruses using our genetic material to reproduce is an incredibly intimate relationship, and Carrier embraces this fact, weaving an almost erotic love story between the viewer and the virus.

The site is navigated  with Infectious Agent - a java applet located at the bottom of the browser window, which adapts as a virus would, to the responses of each site visitor, creating a unique pathway through the different zones of information. These include links to artificial life applets; shockwave games showing how the tiny virus might interact in the body; as well as support information for those with HCV including links to multilingual sites; fascinating 3D VRML images; and real life intimate stories from a culturally diverse range of people who live with the virus.



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