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Entrevista con una joven personalidad virtual francesa. Eve Solal ha trabajado para revistas de moda francesas, como una destacada modelo y como un Dj de la radio. Animados con Motion Capture (vicom). Todo el trabajo 3D se hizo con Maya. El software propio fue utilizado para la animación y de la piel.

- Sinopsis "Eve Solal: The Claim":

Eve is in her apartment, surfing the web in search of sites dedicated to virtual communities. She finds a website in Paris' Square of Pigalle where public access is forbidden by the 'cyber cops'. Eve considers herself invincible to these warnings since she herself is virtual, and logs onto the forbidden website.  While she is exploring the abandoned environment of this forbidden virtual community, she is captured by the cyber cops and has to justify her presence there in a harsh interrogation.


- Palabras del autor:

"Virtual characters and emotions.

These last 5 years, virtual characters have successively invaded animation films, full length animation features, video games and more recently the Internet. What is the key success factor of such a match between those virtual characters and the general public? Certainly emotions. With Eve Solal “The Claim”, Attitude Studio presents its work and its set of proprietary tools, both dedicated to the restoration of human emotions on virtual entities."

- Biography. Marc Miance, age 25, Chairman and Managing Director, Attitude Studio:

Marc Miance is the head of Attitude Studio.  He's a 3D producer, specialized in characters and motion capture.  As well as his digital imagery skills, Marc Miance has a cinematographic and audiovisual culture linked to his studies and the production of animation programs.  His knowledge of traditional techniques and new technologies allows him to have an innovative approach to digital imagery program development procedures, adapted to the needs of the virtual character market. Marc Miance's know-how was notably put to use for the "BW" prototype, which was presented as part of the official selection of the Imagina Festival in 1998.  This prototype, much acclaimed by professionals in the field, was one of the first to be produced using fully digitalized 3D characters, and was projected at the M.I.T.I.C. in Cannes where it was considered as a technological forerunner.

- Contacto: m.miance@attitude-studio.com

- Creditos:

Director : Marc Miance

Producto : Attitude Studio

Director de capturas de movimiento: Rémi Brun

Director de infografía: Bruce Tajtelbom, Philippe Fournier

Director de desarrollo: Laurent Martin

Musica: Laurent D'Herbecourt

Software: Maya ©Alias|Wavefront, Mental Ray ©Mental Image, Filmbox ©Kaydara.

Hardware: Vicon 8 M-Cam System © Vicon.



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