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- Credits of the work (production, music, software, collaborators, hardware, etc).

Author: Franz Fischnaller with the technical collaboration of Marco Monzani. Music. F.A.B.R.I.CATORS and Manuel Gallardo. Produced: by F.A.B.R.I.CATORS for Kali was produced for the exhibition of the Millennium of the city of Berlin: “Seven Hills... Images and Signs of the 21st Century.” The show was open to the public from May 14 through October 29, 2000 at the Martin Gropius-Bau exposition building and coordinated by the Berliner Festspiele.

- Author´s text up to 300 words.

Kali is an intense, user-driven, multileveled virtual-reality piece that incorporates advanced technology to create a major interactive art installation. It is a comprehensive experience in the new language of interactive design, aesthetic interpretation of digital information and use of visual design in the virtual environment. Through Kali, the author explores a fusion of digital media, culture, the arts, literature, myth, and cinema.A passage between the real and the imaginary, a bridge between antiquity and the present, and an integration of form and content of mythical elements and ancestral memories, integrated into the digital era of our times.

The first version of Kali was produced for a three-screen virtual-reality projection system and included an interactive sculpture. The second version was adapted to the CAVE® virtual-reality theater. Adaptation to other commercially available display systems is planned.

Virtual Reality application for a multiple-user, interactive platform.

Title of the work: Planet Sram, Sound Space two VR aplication produced for the platform Tracking the Net.

Credits: Franz Fischnaller with the technical collaboration of Marco Monzani. Produced by F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Milan, Italy www.fabricat.com

Sound Space:

'Sound Space' is a musical, creative environment that allows the visitors to create music on various levels, individually as well as within an interactive team articulated by up to seven participants. The music played by the visitors can turn into images, effects, sounds and voiceovers.

'Sound Space' appears in front of the visitors like a musical satellite floating in space and surrounded in an angle of 360 degrees by musical chords, a sort of a virtual harp. The visitors can interact and navigate through this cyber harp, generating like this collisions and therefore sounds and visual effects in a 3D VR environment. The more synchronized and intense the collaboration among the visitors, the more astonishing is the response.

A gateway conducts inside the building of Sound Space. The visitor can enter into a sort of a musical palace with transparent corridors, musical elevators and sonorous stairways, in which all the objects, the angles, are interactive and become instruments.

The visitor is able to play the virtual piano, enter in contact with the cyber-jumpy, small, melodic, digital creatures that coexist in a digital space, ready to play and interact with the public. Each sensor is attached to an instrument, a specific chord, and depends upon the reciprocal collaboration among the visitors…

Planet SRAM

It is the beginning of a production related to a social discourse, referred to the human condition.

To get into Planet SRAM it is necessary to go through a premonitory tunnel. A sort of cyber creature parades through the tunnel controlling, step by step, the inhabitants of Planet SRAM. The creature repeats his steps over and over, delimiting the space… The planet is a giant open space enclosed by high walls, which float in space, like an abandoned pyramid. There is one entrance (the tunnel) and apparently, no exit from Planet SRAM.

The visitor will encounter inhabitants devoid of identity and individuality producing the same movements, actions and gesticulations, over and over, with their individuality nullified, programmed as pseudo-artificial beings, executing very monotonous and mechanical movements, one is identical to the other, one moves identically like the other.



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