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Pablo Mora

San Cristobal, Venezuela


( In the light of Sun-Tzu and Roberto Juarroz)

TO HEAR THE CALL and to appear. In the court of honor to take the weapon - the genital fire in the battle-. To supervise it before, later and in the task. To enlist. To train permanently. To divide in the dawn. To go away to the front. To the first line or rear, with trench or without trench, facing enemy fire to fire, defending, attacking, resisting. Penetrated into the gun the bayonet, to clutch the necessary skill. To feel the support of the accurate impact of the missiles - the angels guards of the joust -. To hear rumors, to never spread them. To know that the art is a war in great.

To speak occasionally about minor topics. To be forming gestures, slowly. To use the own hand as pillow. To transplant the memories. To make traverse a piece of darkness on other one. To cut away the space that stays between the things. To extract of traffic our image. To change the own image periodically. To change image every so much as changes of dream every night.

To create a frame for every thing. To be careful itself to possess characteristics foreign to our destiny. To accept the price of the justice for rapid, sure, functional and tidy. To hear all the truths and all the lies. To carefully decipher each one of the vespertine surprises or week ends, end of year or start or end of century. To change voice, name and trade to verify the impossible thing. To understand the semiótica of the iguanas and the small lizards.

To rise to the madness on the most accessible part. To avoid to appear in the social pages of the newspapers. To prepare the thought stops to the illusions of the things. To escape of the looks of others; later, of the proper look; then, of the look of the things. To learn to forget the memory. To weaken the lines of the hand. To intermingle the eyes and the things. To knock out of position the silence of the dream.

To gather the little that exists and to create what does not exist. To start not being reflected already in the puddles. To dissolve forever our grotesque trade of binding nothing. To reject any decoration. To adore until the dementia the revolt of Adam and Eve. To give a return to the word when there are Moors in the cable. Bear in mind the notable differences between a Pontiff and a Poet of the Liberation. To use of the occasion to renew the safeties of high and distinguished consideration.

To learn to sharpen the guitar with the exact aim of the gun to march to the combat with the people. To know the secrets of the rain and their manners. To break the hypnotism of the things. To leave of the life and to look at an eye that does not hypnotize us. To invent new breathings. To invent the return of the world after its disappearance. To take a look of supply or to buy someone on the market: to invent another look. And if still yet something will be absent, to invent also another more concrete form of the man.

To reconquer our origin. To recognize that there is complaint no greater than the one of the love. To be attentive to the report of war. To be kind to the part military. To know that there exist ways that it is not necessary to follow, cities that it is not necessary to besiege or attack, armies that it does not suit to scourge, questions no that there are to answer and until orders no that there are why to fulfill

To know the strictly indispensable thing. To take part in the deceit, in the ploy, the situation or the appearance. To take the trickery to the maximum possible. To adapt to the situation, especially to the foreign situation. To advance for ways so unusual that the adversary never achieves to discover. To meet on the most vulnerable of the points. To be beaten in retreat or to prosecute it. To count on the moral, the spirit, the area, the climate, the control, the occasion and the doctrine.

To discover the general scheme of the enemy. As the water, to adapt to the new forms. To use frontal attacks and indirect. To touch the advantage and disadvantage of the exploit. To be protected from the tree that is waved, of the bird that gets frightened, of the excited powder, of the weeping of the flag in the opposite front.

To distinguish clearly between accessible, fragile, narrow, rough, frontier, key, convergent, difficult or mortal area. To know the enemy like a itself in order that the victory is never threatened. To know the natural forces: the fire, the crag, the water for the scarp. To possess the secret inevitable agent. To administer to equipment and projectile.

To advancee, to live, to survive. To resist up to the last combat. To take care with touch of every retreat. To flee abreast, to attack of retreat, to turn faces, to triumph in the defeat. To go between skirmish and surprising meeting pulling the explosion of the laurel. To reject the sentence of the death. To assume stop the triumph of the life.

Brandishing subversive tuning forks, to take until the top the flag and to unfold it in farm in each village until overwhelming the tear with the people. Crowned the struggle, to assure the full militancy for the beauty and the truth of the man, as a blow of love in every fear, as the clear one of land in the look of every mother who should die.





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