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Danilo López
From "Return to Guatemala", Miami FL
Texas, Estados Unidos de América


Down, down and up the hill,

we have three lanes where two only

should exist,


Texaco, Marlboro, Wendy's and

Ray-O-Vac signs waving good bye

to the traveler


the neighbor to the North has sold

everything, except anti-pollution

devices, handicap codes and health



Goodyear, American Airlines and

Visa card,

let's send cocaine in exchange,

and immigrants, and sugar, and labor


prices are low, prices are cheap,

they have sold us everything, including

Madonna, Michael Jackson, and The New KOB




let's send them good leather, some arts

and crafts, and tax evasion and interest debts,

even some children to adopt or to take

body organs from


they have sold us everything,

except wealth


The road to Antigua is a very modest

version of the expressway, a strong smell

of burning oil in the air, dizzying,

buses expell black fumes

from the rear, into other cars


Poverty everywhere, and they tell me

this is Heaven compared to Nicaragua


A boy crosses the street, meandering

through the taxi cabs with his

wooden cart, almost clipped by

a motorcycle, the driver cursing him,

the boy is going to McDonald's to buy

a hamburger


A bunch of oranges lay on the pavement,

a little girl quickly picking up some

to eat and resell


A bald mountain to my right, a deep

abyss to my left, the tortuous path

climbing the hill


Traffic is getting thin, the air cleaner


It cost one thousand dollars per square

meter to build this road, they finished

construction a year ago, today it is full of

bumps and holes


The new social christian government is

applying for a loan to repair the

streets, it will cost five thousand

dollars per square meter to repair the



They have learned to accept poverty,

no government has paid them right,

no president has kept his electoral



Liberal and conservatives alike have

lied to them,

democrats and christians took away their

money, their jobs, their education,

their health, their lives and their



The housing projects are abandoned,

more office buildings are being built


The traffic ahead is slow, a cow is

giving birth on the swale


The new office buildings will house the

Mazda headquarters, they will launder

money and crowd the city, the owners

won't pay property taxes or building permits



-not Atlantis, not Lemuria-

is the lost continent, destroyed by the

Conquistadores, exploited by the

Crown, abused by the USA,

ruled by local dictadores, demolished by

socialist governments

-the predators for excellence-

and back to square one.




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